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Dynamic MOTD on Centos7

Just few steps!

Install figlet package:


Create /etc/motd.sh script with this content:

Make the script executable:

Append this script to /etc/profile in order to be executed as last command once a user logs in:

Try and have fun! ūüôā


If you are using Debian, here the other guide.

NFS – quick win

This is a very basic step-by-step guide to create a CentOS7 NFS server that shares a folder /nfsshare over network. This share will be owned by apache and mountable on a CentOS web server.

Here the instructions how to create the server and how to setup the client.

NFS Server

Add this line in IPTABLES:


Run the following to create a share folder and setup NFS:


NFS Client

e.g. assuming that NFS server’s IP is

Add this line in IPTABLES:

Then, run this:

NOTE: we are hardly mapping the NFS server’s IP in /etc/hosts to make easier to recognise the mount (in case of multiple mounts).

If you are facing the issue where you mount /nfsshare and you see the owner of the files and folders showing as nobody:nobody, it could be related to rpcidmapd and DNS. To fix this, try to update /etc/hosts on the Client with <hostname>.nfsdomain.loc


Fullstatus Apache 2.4 Centos7

Apache on CentOS 7 doesn’t come with any configuration for enabling /server-status
The module does come by default though, so to get this going, all you need to do is:

Disable firewalld – Centos 7

Install iptables and remove firewalld