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Windows 10 – VMWare Disk cleanup and shrink

Simple batch script to run as Administrator in order to cleanup the disk, defrag and shrink.

Please note that the shrink works only if the VMWare tools are installed on the guest VM.

Save this content in a .bat file and… enjoy it!

OVH API notes


Create App: https://eu.api.ovh.com/createApp/

Python wrapper project: https://github.com/ovh/python-ovh

Web API control panel: https://eu.api.ovh.com/console/#/


Example of ovh.conf file



Custom python script to allow access only to a specific project under my Cloud OVH account


How to create a script

  1. Create the app from the link above
  2. Get the keys and store them safely
  3. Install the OVH python wrapper
  4. Create ovh.conf file and use the keys from your app
  5. Use the python example (or mine) to get the customerKey
  6. Update ovh.conf with the customKey
  7. Create your script and have fun! 🙂

Script example to get a list of snapshots:


Holland backup setup

>> package:

>> Auto install script:

>> Where is the DB conf file:

>> When it runs

>> Test command to see if all works without actually run it

>> /etc/holland/backupsets/default.conf


Rackspace Cloud – Remove old System IDs via command line

Rough script/instructions 🙂


Rackspace – Cloud Sever autokill script

Dynamic DNS update script

Below a script that I’ve created to update your Dynamic DNS service.

It has been tested on Raspian (Raspberry Pi), Ubuntu 18.04 and Debian 9.

It works with Internet.bs, No-ip.com and CloudFlare


Also, for who as a router running DD-WRT, here a quick article about how to set it up.

Enjoy! 😉

BASH: Current Script folder