Improve/Ubuntu-like Font Rendering in Debian using Infinality Font


#Infinality Fonts
deb saucy main

apt-get install fontconfig-infinality

cd /etc/fonts/infinality/
bash setstyle

chose 3 (i.e. linux).

In /etc/profile.d/ --> search for “USE_STYLE” or scroll (around line 710) till you see the option to set the style => USE_STYLE=”UBUNTU”

Settings -> Appearance.

    Tick the checkbox to Enable anti-aliasing
    Set Sub-pixel order to RGB
    Set Hinting to Slight


Personally installed before also: cabextract fonts-liberation ttf-mscorefonts-installer


Other fonts:

1) Install pretty fonts (you'll need non-free for mscorefonts): apt-get install ttf-dejavu ttf-liberation ttf-mscorefonts-installer xfonts-terminus
2) dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config, select Autohinter, Automatic and No
3) dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig
4) Restart Xorg
5) Gnome-specific (these are largely personal preferences): System -> Preferences -> Appearances -> Fonts: Enable 'Best Shapes', Details -> Dots per Inch: 110, Smoothing -> Grayscale