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LVM for dummies

You have your disk /dev/sdc

You need to cfdisk/fdisk it to set the flag “Linux LVM”, (flag 8E in cfdisk).

After that, you need to make this partition/device a physical volume (pvcreate /dev/sdc1) to make this device “usable” in a Virtual Group (VG).

The VG si basically a huge disk that can be partitioned in Logical Volumes (LVs).

Once is done, you need to extend the VG to include this new device (pv) => vgextend vglocal00 /dev/sdc1

Now the space is available to the VG vglocal00 and can be used to create/extend Logical Volumes (LV), which are some sort of “partitions” of the VG.

The LV is your “new device to format”.

DISK --> 8E flag --> PV ---> VG ---> LV1
			      |_____ LV2
			      |_____ LV3