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Find files based on date/time


> Modified in the last 12 hours (720 min)
find . -cmin -720 

> Modified in the last day
find . -mtime -1

# => ctime - for hacked/modified files 
# look for ctime instead, hacked scripts can't set that to what they want as opposed to mtime:

find -cmin -$n_minutes_ago
find -ctime -$n_days_ago
ls -lc   ## sorted by name
ls -ltc   ## sorted by time

>> File OLDER THAN xx days:
find . -type f -ctime +$n_days_ago

>> Find files RESTORED older that xx days and MOVE them
find . -type f -mtime +$n_days_ago | xargs -I '{}' mv {} /destination/path/