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GIT tricks when you mess up a bit

Sometimes, especially at the beginning, a Developer makes loads of mistakes and here there are some workaround that can help. 😉

Rewrite master’s history (TO AVOID)

git log --pretty=oneline

git rebase -i --root => s/pick/s => choose what to keep ‘pick‘ and what to remove ‘s

-> for each ‘pick’ you need to write a summary in the comments

Rewrite history of the current branch (squash)

Firstly, check how many ahead/behind is your branch comparing to the reference one (e.g. master/main)


git rebase -i HEAD~_number of commits_ (e.g. git rebase -i HEAD~3) => use the number of “ahead’s” that you found.

Make the required changes (pick/s) and save.

git push origin +mybranch


git rebase
Any conflicts?

YES -> fix them, git add . , git rebase --continue
NO -> git push + (forced push using +)

Fix a wrong merge on master

git revert -m

NOTE: merge commit does NOT count.

A -\
B -/

Here an example.
You want to go back to commit B (master).
A, B, K, L are commit ID – you can find them using git log command.

From B to A (A is the last merge that we want to delete), there are 2 commits, K and L.

If you want to go back to B:

git revert -m2 A
which means – go back of 2 commits from A

Happy fixing! 🙂

GIT basic commands

Check branch

git branch <name new branch>

Show changes after your last commit

git diff

rollback to previous change (specific file) to the latest commit

git checkout -- testfile

Delete branch

git branch -D <branch name>

Push new branch to the origin (my ‘git space’)

git push -u origin <branch name>

Restore file from upstream

git checkout upstream/master -- <filename>

Commit changes in one single line

git commit -a -m "comment"

If you want to merge the recent changes committed on the master branch into your dev branch

git checkout dev      # gets you "on branch dev"
git fetch origin        # gets you up to date with origin
git merge origin/master

If you want to reset ALL from the version ‘on the web’

git fetch origin
git reset --hard origin/<branch>

Source: http://rogerdudler.github.io/git-guide/