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Example of GlusterFS configuration on 2 servers with Block Storage attached.

This setup is suggested for TESTING purposes only. In a production environment please verify performances.

Create a separate network and map IP/servers' names in /etc/hosts
Append to /etc/hosts
# GlusterFS     gfs01     gfs02

>> On BOTH nodes:

yum update
wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d http://download.gluster.org/pub/gluster/glusterfs/LATEST/CentOS/glusterfs-epel.repo
yum -y install parted lvm2 xfsprogs glusterfs glusterfs-fuse glusterfs-server
grep ^exclude /etc/yum.conf

[root@gfs01 sysconfig]# grep ^exclude /etc/yum.conf
(in [main] section)

parted -s -- /dev/xvdb mktable gpt
parted -s -- /dev/xvdb mkpart primary 2048s 100%
parted -s -- /dev/xvdb set 1 lvm on
partx -a /dev/xvdb
pvcreate /dev/xvdb1 
vgcreate vggfs01 /dev/xvdb1 

lvcreate -l 100%VG -n gbrick1 vggfs01
mkfs.xfs -i size=512 /dev/vggfs01/gbrick1
echo '/dev/vggfs01/gbrick1 /data/gluster/gvol0 xfs inode64,nobarrier 0 0' >> /etc/fstab
mkdir -p /data/gluster/gvol0
mount /data/gluster/gvol0
mkdir -p /data/gluster/gvol0/brick1

/bin/systemctl start glusterd.service
/bin/systemctl status glusterd.service
systemctl enable glusterd.service

>> On NODE2
gluster peer probe gfs01
gluster peer status
gluster pool list

>> On NODE1
gluster peer probe gfs02
gluster peer status
gluster pool list

gluster volume create gvol0 replica 2 transport tcp gfs01:/data/gluster/gvol0/brick1 gfs02:/data/gluster/gvol0/brick1
gluster volume start gvol0
gluster volume info gvol0

gluster volume set gvol0 performance.cache-refresh-timeout 30
gluster volume set gvol0 performance.io-thread-count 32
gluster volume set gvol0 performance.cache-size 1073741824
gluster volume info gvol0


TO MOUNT - Fuse (HA)
=> nodes need to be connected to the same Cloud Network

Append to /etc/hosts
# GlusterFS     gfs01     gfs02

yum -y install glusterfs glusterfs-fuse

modprobe fuse

echo 'gfs01:/gvol0 /mnt/gluster/gvol0 glusterfs defaults,backupvolfile-server=gfs02,_netdev 0 0' >> /etc/fstab

mkdir -p /mnt/gluster/gvol0

mount /mnt/gluster/gvol0

It seems that Debian 7 cannot have GlusterFS 3.7 but only from Debian 8.


Extra source: http://matty.digital/gluster

Extra commands
# gluster volume remove-brick gvol0 gfs02:/data/gluster/gvol0/brick1 force
# gluster peer detach gfs02
# gluster peer detach gfs01
# gluster peer probe gfs01