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ftp/sftp – vsftpd


One liners to automatic creation of username and passwords

Automatic creation of users/passwords (FTP)

Manually create list.txt with user:doc_root

Get commands to create FTP users


Get commands to set FTP permissions (if doc_root exists already)


Generate and Assign random passwords to the users.


Create a list of vhosts’ paths: vhosts.txt

Example with only .com domains:

Use a regex for sed to extract the vhost name, removing dots (example based on the example above)
This will return a list of PATH and VHOSTNAME. We will use VHOSTNAME as USER for that path


Print out the commands to run to add FTP users (no SSH)
Once checked the output, run these lines

(for sftp only):


This will print out commands to run to assign user:apache_group to the vhosts’ paths

(for sftp only):


Set g+s on vhosts to preserve directory owner



Create list of random passwords using pwgen


Create list of random passwords using openssl


Apply these passwords automatically


Print output for reference