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Minimal X server – Less then 1.2GB

Packages required:

Full list of packages installed (including dependencies):

I personally needed a light editor, possibly not related to KDE or Gnome (which generally means plenty of packages installed).
I found Leafpad, which does the job. So, I generally install it as well:

With these packages, you should have a very light X environment, with xterm, a basic text editor and a basic bar with workspaces and current time.
Super basic. Super light. Super Functional. 🙂

I liked also to customise the menu, because the default one was too messy for me.

To do this, create a .blackboxrc file if not present in your home directory.
After, just add the following:

Of course, make sure to have also a folder called .blackboxand the file blackbox-menu customised like this one:

Otherwise, you can always start using a copy of the default one:

Here you go! Enjoy! 😉